What Is The Best Time to Buy a Corvette?

In a Nutshell: The best time to purchase a Corvette is in the spring for a greater variety of choices and in late fall for more economical deals.


  • Spring is the best time for a wide selection of Corvettes, while late fall may offer better pricing.
  • Financial readiness is crucial; paying cash or ensuring comfortable finance payments is advised.
  • Consider life stage and ability to dedicate time to Corvette ownership.

The Best Time to Buy a Corvette

Lyle Aulwurm, the General Manager at C & S Corvettes, a renowned expert in Corvette parts and maintenance, addresses a frequently asked question: “When should I buy a Corvette?” 

Aulwurm’s reply, brimming with knowledge from his extensive experience, illuminates various aspects of the decision to buy a Corvette.

Seasonal Buying Strategies

“Your best breadth of choices is going to be in springtime,” Aulwurm advises, pointing out that this is when dealers stock up following Corvette-only auctions. 

Conversely, for those hunting for the best deals, Aulwurm suggests late fall. “Pricing is going to be probably better when people are trying to get rid of the cars,” he explains, highlighting the decreased demand post-summer.

Financial Considerations in Purchasing

Aulwurm emphasizes the importance of financial readiness, suggesting that finding the best time financially is as crucial as the market timing. He argues that if one can afford it, paying cash for the nicest Corvette possible is a wise move. 

For those who finance, he advises ensuring that payments are comfortable and suggests saving an additional 20% for maintenance or faster loan repayment.

Life Stage and Corvette Ownership

The decision also hinges on one’s life stage, with Aulwurm implying that assessing the best time in one’s life for such a purchase is essential.

Aulwurm notes, “If you’ve got two toddlers at home and your wife is currently expecting your next set of twins, probably not the best time to buy a Corvette.” 

He encourages buyers to consider their ability to dedicate time to maintaining and enjoying the car.

Budgeting for Corvette Upkeep

Reflecting on his vast experience, Aulwurm shares, “When your harmonic balancer goes bad, when your AC takes a poop, when your torque tube falls apart, you’ve got the money in the bank to pay for that repair.” 

His advice underscores the need for preparedness in Corvette ownership, emphasizing that the best time to own a Corvette is when one is fully ready for its upkeep.

Corvette – More Than Just a Car

Aulwurm paints the Corvette not just as a vehicle but as a passion. He urges potential buyers to not delay their dream indefinitely, balancing financial responsibility with the realization that life is unpredictable. 

“Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to anybody,” he reminds us, advocating for the joy and individual fulfillment a Corvette can bring.

Beyond Timing to Personal Fulfillment

In conclusion, Lyle Aulwurm’s advice on purchasing a Corvette encompasses not just the best seasonal timing but also personal financial readiness and life circumstances. 

He highlights that while finding the best deals and widest selection is key, understanding one’s own financial and personal situation is equally important. 

Aulwurm’s insights remind us that owning a Corvette is more than just acquiring a car; it’s an investment in personal joy and satisfaction. 

His guidance serves as a comprehensive roadmap for potential Corvette owners, balancing practical considerations with the passion and excitement that come with this iconic vehicle.

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