When is the Best Time to Move to Mexico?

In a Nutshell: The best time to move to Mexico is between April and May, when the departure of seasonal residents results in more available rentals and better pricing. This period allows newcomers to experience the local climate and housing market at an optimal state.


  • The optimal months for moving to Mexico are April and May, due to the departure of seasonal residents, leading to an increased availability of rentals and more favorable pricing.
  • Experiencing Mexico during its hottest months, particularly between April and June, is vital for understanding and adapting to its climate, especially important for those considering long-term residency.
  • Seasonal fluctuations significantly impact rental prices and availability, particularly in popular expat destinations, with November to April being the high season due to an influx of part-time residents from colder regions.

Best Time to Move to Mexico

Mexico, a country synonymous with vibrant cultures, stunning landscapes, and a warm climate, has long been a sought-after destination for expatriates and retirees. But one critical question still needs to be addressed: when is the best time to move? 

Mariana Lange, the founder of Mexico Relocation Guide, provides invaluable insights into this question.

Lange’s expertise in helping people relocate to Mexico has culminated in key recommendations for prospective movers. Her advice is crucial for those looking to avoid frustrations, save money, and plan their transition effectively.

Understanding Seasonal Variations

High Season: November – April: The period from November to April is considered the high season for rentals in Mexico. This time coincides with colder months in North America, attracting a surge of part-time residents, often termed ‘snowbirds,’ from the United States and Canada. Lange highlights that this influx leads to reduced rental inventory and increased prices. Key expat destinations like Puerto Vallarta, Ajijic, Chapala, Guatulco, Playa del Carmen, and Los Cabos are particularly affected.

The Best Time: April – May: According to Lange, the best time to find rentals in Mexico is between April and May. The departure of seasonal residents results in a surge of available rentals, providing more options and better negotiating leverage for long-term agreements. This period’s market dynamics often lead to lower prices, making it a suitable time for relocation.

Weather Considerations

Central Highlands & Beaches: Lange advises considering the climate when deciding the best time to move. In the central highlands, temperatures can reach 80-90 degrees before the rainy season, often without air conditioning in most homes. For those sensitive to heat, experiencing these peak temperatures can be essential in deciding whether to settle in these regions.

Beach Areas: Conversely, despite experiencing some of the hottest months from May to July, beach areas usually have air conditioning accommodations, making them more bearable for those seeking warmer climates.

Experience Mexico at Its Hottest

Lange suggests moving between April and June to experience Mexico’s hottest months. This strategy helps understand whether one can comfortably adapt to the climate year-round. 

“If you love it at its worst, you’ll love it at its best,” she remarks, emphasizing the importance of being prepared for Mexico’s diverse weather patterns.

Preparing for the Move

Lange encourages potential movers to plan, considering seasonality and regional variations in rental markets. 

She also recommends utilizing resources such as her Mexico Relocation Guide, which includes a directory of trusted real estate agents to assist in the transition.


Timing is crucial when planning a move to Mexico. The best time, as outlined by Mariana Lange, is when the rental market is most favorable, and one can experience the local climate in its entirety. 

Her expert advice offers a comprehensive guide for those looking to make Mexico their new home, ensuring a well-informed and smoother transition.

Remember, the journey to a new life in Mexico isn’t just about finding a place to live; it’s about understanding and adapting to the rhythms of Mexican life, from its climate to its cultural nuances. With this knowledge, the dream of living in Mexico can become a well-planned reality.

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