The Best Time to Visit South Korea

In a Nutshell: The best time to visit Korea is either in April, with its beautiful spring and cherry blossoms, or October, offering stunning autumn foliage and comfortable weather.

Are you planning to visit the vibrant and culturally rich country of Korea?

Songa Min at, sheds light on this topic with her insightful guide to Korea’s seasons, weather patterns, and cultural festivities.

Korea’s climate is distinctively marked by its four seasons, each offering a unique experience.

Month-by-Month Breakdown

  • January: The coldest month, featuring beautiful snowy landscapes. Ideal for skiing enthusiasts.
  • February: Similar to January, but check the Lunar New Year’s Day calendar, as many stores may be closed.
  • March: More sunlight and slightly warmer days signal the approach of spring.
  • April: The beauty of spring unfolds, marked by warmer days and cherry blossoms. However, be aware of the ‘yellow dust’ season, a unique weather phenomenon.
  • May: A pleasant month with warm days and cool nights, perfect for outdoor activities.
  • June: The onset of summer brings enjoyable weather, but the end of the month marks the beginning of the monsoon season.
  • July: Hot, rainy, and humid; it’s still monsoon season.
  • August: The peak of summer, characterized by heat and a preference for air-conditioned indoors.
  • September: Autumn begins, offering comfortable weather both day and night.
  • October: A visually stunning month to witness the autumn foliage.
  • November: The onset of cooler weather. A light jacket is recommended.
  • December: Festive and cool, but not the coldest month. A winter jacket is advisable.


Summarizing, Songa Min highlights that each month in Korea offers a unique charm, from January’s snowy vistas to October’s autumnal beauty.

She emphasizes the importance of being aware of the cultural festivities and weather peculiarities like the ‘yellow dust’ season.

Whether you’re planning to ski, enjoy cherry blossoms, or partake in cultural festivals, South Korea has something special in store every month. 

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