The Best Time for Less Crowds at Disney World’s Parks

In a Nutshell: The best time to visit Disney World for fewer crowds is Fridays at Magic Kingdom, Thursdays at Epcot, Sundays at Hollywood Studios, and Wednesdays at Animal Kingdom.

Unlock the magic of Disney World without the crowds! Guide2WDW, a treasure trove of Disney World tips and insights, brings you the expert guidance of founder James Grosch.

His extensive analysis of crowd data across Disney World’s four theme parks unveils the ideal days for your visit.

Magic Kingdom:

  • Best Days: “Friday is surprisingly the best day to visit Magic Kingdom,” Grosch shares. He highlights that Fridays have consistently had the lowest or second-lowest wait times. If Fridays don’t fit your schedule, Thursdays and Sundays are excellent choices, with Sundays often claiming significantly lower wait times.
  • Worst Day: Grosch strongly advises against Mondays, describing them as the worst due to the heaviest crowds and most extended wait times. He adds, “Wednesdays come in as a close second for the most crowded day,” especially during extended evening hours.


  • Best Days: “Thursdays are a great day for Epcot,” says Grosch. He also recommends Fridays and Sundays, particularly during non-festival weekends. Thursdays offer a balance of lower wait times without the weekend festival crowds.
  • Worst Day: “Worst Day: ‘Avoid Epcot on Mondays,’ Grosch warns, as Mondays consistently have longer wait times. The first few days of an Epcot festival are also highly crowded, attracting locals and influencers alike.

Hollywood Studios:

  • Best Days: “Sunday is a slam dunk pick for Hollywood Studios,” Grosch remarks. Saturdays and Wednesdays are also favorable, with recent trends showing lower wait times.
  • Worst Days: Worst Days: Grosch identifies Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays as the days to avoid, particularly Mondays, which often have the longest wait times.

Animal Kingdom:

  • Best Days: “For most of the year, Wednesday is by far the best day to visit Animal Kingdom,” Grosch states. He notes that Saturdays and Sundays have improved wait times, making them good options.
  • Worst Days: He cautions about Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. “Mondays are tricky at Disney World, but they’re just pretty bad at Animal Kingdom,” Grosch adds, suggesting that Mondays are the least bad option among the parks.


In summary, James Grosch’s data-driven approach offers clear guidance for visitors to Disney World.

Fridays are optimal for Magic Kingdom, while Epcot is best visited on Thursdays. Sundays provide a quieter experience at Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom is most tranquil on Wednesdays.

Grosch concludes, “These recommendations are based on meticulous analysis of years of wait time data,” assuring visitors that following these tips will significantly enhance their Disney World experience by avoiding peak crowd times.

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