The Best Time to Go to Cairo

In a Nutshell: The best time to visit Cairo is between October and April for cooler weather, while Ramadan offers a unique cultural experience but alters the typical tourist activities. Summer months are less crowded and might offer discounts, but they involve extreme heat.


  • Visiting Cairo between October and April is optimal for milder temperatures, unlike the extreme heat experienced from May to September.
  • Ramadan in Egypt significantly alters the usual tourist experience, with quieter days, early closure of sites, and a generally slow pace of life.
  • The tourist seasons vary greatly, with summer (June to August) offering fewer crowds and potential discounts, while peak holidays like Christmas and Spring Break see an influx of tourists due to pleasant weather.

The Best Time to Visit Cairo

Cairo, a city steeped in history, offers a kaleidoscope of experiences that vary significantly with the seasons.

Gus Gleiter, the founder of Egypt Adventures Travel, emphasizes this point, stating, “When talking about the best time of year to visit Egypt, there’s a lot of different factors that a traveler needs to consider.”

Gleiter’s insights provide a comprehensive guide on the ideal times to visit Cairo, considering weather, tourist seasons, and special events.

Weather Considerations:

May to September: “Egypt from May through September, especially in the south like Luxor and Aswan, is extremely, extremely hot,” notes Gleiter. Expect temperatures well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

North vs. South: Gleiter adds, “The further north a traveler goes, like Cairo or Alexandria, the cooler it is… but the further south you go, the hotter it gets.”

October to April: For cooler temperatures, Gleiter recommends visiting between October and April.

Winter Season: Despite not being as cold as places like Minneapolis, nights can still get chilly. “Temperatures will get down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, sometimes even the high 40s,” Gleiter warns.

Tourist Seasons:

Summer (June to August): Gleiter suggests, “If they like the heat, visiting in June, July, and August is great because there are fewer travelers.”

Peak Holidays (Christmas, Spring Break): These times coincide with pleasant weather and attract more tourists.

Special Events:

Ramadan: “Ramadan is the biggest holiday in Egypt,” Gleiter explains. He advises that during Ramadan, “everything is a lot quieter… tourist sites often close one to two hours earlier.”

Other Holidays and Events: Gleiter encourages travelers to look up other holidays or events that might coincide with their visit for a unique experience.


As Gleiter puts it, “It depends on the traveler, their preferences for weather, how busy Egypt is, and special events like Ramadan.”

The best time to visit Cairo is subjective, depending on individual preferences and interests. Understanding these nuances will guide travelers in planning a more enjoyable and fulfilling journey.

Cairo is a city with myriad experiences waiting to be discovered, regardless of when you visit. With careful planning and an understanding of these insights, your trip to Cairo can be enriching and memorable. For those seeking a tailored experience, Egypt Adventures Travel is ready to assist in crafting your perfect itinerary.

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