The Best Time to Move to Texas

In a Nutshell: The best time to move to Texas is when it aligns with your personal and financial readiness, not solely based on market trends. 2024 may present favorable opportunities due to potential shifts in the property market.


  • Optimal timing for a move to Texas is when personal readiness aligns with financial stability, irrespective of market conditions.
  • The year 2024 presents potential opportunities for property purchases in Texas due to anticipated market shifts.
  • Buying property when competition is low, like in the current market scenario, followed by refinancing during lower interest rates, offers strategic financial advantages.

When to Move to Texas

“Dreams of Texas aren’t just about the starry nights or the endless horizons; sometimes, they’re wrapped up in the complexities of interest rates and real estate markets,” begins Dana Pollard, a Texas real estate expert with a narrative as expansive as the state. 

In her insightful discussion, Pollard offers a nuanced perspective on the ideal timing for moving to the Lone Star State, especially when rates are soaring.

The Personal Journey: A Foundation for Expertise

Pollard’s migration story, from Minnesota’s wintry landscapes to Dallas’s twinkling city lights, underpins her understanding of the Texas real estate scene. 

“You know the feeling when you know it’s the right decision for your family, yet you still fear the worst,” she reminisces about her family’s move. Her story is a testament to the emotional and financial aspects of relocating.

Navigating Market Trends in 2024

As we stand in 2024, looking back and ahead, Pollard reflects on the market’s ebb and flow. “Real estate goes up, and then it goes down, and over the long term, it goes up, at least in the course of U.S history,” she states. 

Her biggest regret? Not capitalizing more on the 2008 crash. This historical perspective informs her current advice: “The best time to move to Texas is when it’s right for you,” she asserts, emphasizing personal readiness over market predictions.

Interest Rates and Their Impact

With interest rates currently a hot topic, Pollard advises prospective movers to weigh their options. “Interest rates are going up, but remember, they also fluctuate,” she explains. 

Her strategy? Buy when competition is low and refinance later. “We can always refinance and get a lower interest rate, but we can never get a new purchase price,” she advises, stressing the importance of seizing opportunities.

Budget and Long-Term Planning

The crux of Pollard’s advice lies in financial prudence. “Don’t buy a home above your comfort level,” she suggests. 

Buying within your budget allows for long-term stability and the potential to benefit from future market shifts. This approach is not just about securing a property; it’s about ensuring ongoing financial comfort and flexibility.

Pollard offers a balanced view for those eyeing 2024 as a potential year to move. “We’re on the upswing, but the market still holds opportunities,” she says. She encourages buyers to consider current prices, interest rates, and personal and family needs.


In essence, Dana Pollard’s counsel transcends mere market analysis. It’s about aligning personal aspirations with financial realities set against the ever-changing backdrop of the Texas real estate market. 

Her message is clear: the best time to move to Texas is when it aligns with your personal journey, financial stability, and long-term aspirations. 

As Pollard eloquently says, “Do what’s in your heart to do, and if it’s not right for you, that’s okay too.” This approach ensures that your move to Texas is timely and timeless.

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