When is the Best Time to Move to Utah?

In a Nutshell: The best time to move to Utah, especially Salt Lake City, is typically from May to October, which avoids winter snow and coincides with high activity in the housing market.

Key Takeaways

  • May through October is generally the best time to move to Utah, offering favorable weather conditions and a smoother moving process.
  • This period sees an uptick in real estate activity, providing a wider selection of homes for buyers.
  • Utilizing holiday breaks like Thanksgiving, winter holidays, or spring break can minimize disruptions, especially for families with school-going children.

Best Time to Move to Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah, a state renowned for its majestic mountains and dynamic urban centers, stands as an inviting destination for many. In the heart of this allure is Salt Lake City, a hub of cultural and natural beauty. 

Mariah Koehle, a real estate agent based in Utah, lends her expertise on the best time to make this life-changing move, combining practicality with a deep understanding of the local dynamics.

Decoding the Ideal Months for Relocation

Mariah Koehle offers insights into the seasonal patterns that influence the best time to relocate to Utah, especially Salt Lake City.

“The weather here in Utah is a significant factor,” Koehle notes, recommending May through October as the most favorable months. This period typically avoids the complexities of winter snow, making the moving process smoother.

During these months, there’s a noticeable uptick in housing market activity. More homes are available for sale, giving buyers a wider selection. “You’re going to see a lot more people moving, buyers are buying, and sellers are selling,” Koehle observes.

School Calendars and Family Moves

For families, the school year’s rhythm is a crucial consideration.

Families often plan their moves around the school year, preferring to relocate at the end of the school year or before a new one starts. Koehle states, “A lot of times, people relocating to Utah work around a school schedule.”

Despite these trends, Koehle mentions that families do move throughout the year, sometimes even in the middle of a school term, depending on their unique needs.

Relocation During Holiday Seasons

Holidays can also dictate moving schedules.

Utilizing breaks like Thanksgiving or the winter holidays for moving can be strategic, minimizing disruptions, especially for school-going children.

Koehle adds, “Spring break, usually around April or May, is another time families consider for moving.”

Cost Factors in Moving

The cost is an undeniable aspect of deciding when to move.

Moving during the summer, the peak season due to favorable weather and school schedules, can be more expensive. “The demand is a lot higher during these months,” says Koehle.

Conversely, winter relocations might be more budget-friendly due to lower demand, despite the weather-related challenges.


The best time to move to Utah, particularly to the Salt Lake City area, hinges on a blend of personal circumstances, weather conditions, school schedules, and financial considerations. 

While the period from May to October is generally seen as the best time for its climatic advantages and real estate activity, every family’s situation might lead to different decisions.

Mariah Koehle emphasizes the need for careful planning and adaptability in the moving process. Understanding these various factors will aid in determining the most suitable time for your relocation to Utah, ensuring a transition that aligns with your lifestyle and needs.

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