The Best Time to Move to Augusta, Georgia

In a Nutshell: The best time to move to Augusta is in October or December, which allows for avoidance of the hot and humid summer. This period also helps in dodging the summer rush and potentially securing better rates.

Key Takeaways

  • Cooler months like October and December are ideal for moving to Augusta, due to more comfortable weather conditions.
  • Moving during the school calendar’s off-peak times, like outside summer and winter breaks, can be more economical and less busy.
  • Summer’s intense heat in Augusta can make moving processes uncomfortable, despite being a popular moving season.

When is the Best Time to Move to Augusta?

Relocating to a new city is a significant decision, and choosing the best time for the move can be as crucial as selecting the destination itself.

Real Estate Agent Gerilyn De Laurentys offers invaluable advice for those considering Augusta, Georgia. 

With two decades of living in Augusta and seven moves within the city, De Laurentys combines personal experience with professional expertise to guide prospective movers.

Summer: Busy Season with Intense Heat

Summer, being the peak moving season in Augusta, is often considered the best time for families to move due to school vacations. De Laurentys observes, “Summer is jam-packed because kids are out of school.” 

However, she cautions about the extreme heat during these months, with temperatures often soaring into the high 90s. 

She advises, “If you don’t want to be moving and sweating, maybe summer isn’t the best time for you.”

The Appeal of Cooler Months

De Laurentys prefers moving during the cooler months, such as December or October. Augusta’s mild weather during these times offers a more comfortable moving experience. 

She recalls a delightful move in December, where the weather was neither too hot nor too cold.

Weather’s Role in Moving

The weather in Augusta plays a significant role in the moving experience. 

De Laurentys points out, “In the summer months, it’s super hot and humid,” suggesting the cooler months are a better option for those with flexible moving dates. 

She notes Augusta’s mild winters, free from heavy snowfall or extreme cold, can complicate moves in other areas.

School Calendar Considerations

For families with school-going children, finding the best time to move often revolves around the school calendar.

Moving companies are busiest during summer and winter breaks, coinciding with school holidays. 

Moving outside these peak times is recommended to avoid the rush and potentially secure better rates.

Economical Moving Solutions

De Laurentys offers a tip for a cost-effective move, recommending, a platform where moving companies bid on jobs. 

This can lead to competitive pricing and significant savings. “One of my friends used them and saved a ton of money,” she shares, endorsing this approach to moving logistics.

Weather in Your Current Location

The ideal time to move to Augusta also depends on the weather in your current location. 

De Laurentys advises considering potential weather-related delays or hazards, such as snowstorms or hurricanes, when planning your move.

Expert Assistance for Relocation

De Laurentys and her team are ready to assist individuals and families in transitioning smoothly to Augusta. She offers personalized advice to find the perfect neighborhood that suits one’s lifestyle and preferences.

Ultimately, while the best time to move to Augusta varies based on individual circumstances, De Laurentys suggests the fall and winter months for their cooler temperatures and potentially lower moving costs. 

Her expert guidance is valuable for relocating to this charming Georgian city. De Laurentys says, “If you want to move to Augusta, Georgia, we’ve got your back.”

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