When is The Best Time to Move to Houston, TX?

In a Nutshell: The best time to move to Houston is during the milder months, late spring through winter, to avoid the intense heat, humidity, and hurricane season from May to September.


  • Moving to Houston is best avoided during the intense heat and humidity from May to September, which also coincides with the hurricane season.
  • The most comfortable period for relocation is from late spring through winter, thanks to Houston’s milder weather during these months.
  • In the housing market, summer sees higher competition and potentially higher property prices, while the later months into winter offer better deals and less crowded options.

Best Time to Move to Houston

Houston, a city bustling with opportunity and vibrant life, often prompts the question: When is the best time to make the move? 

Nicole Handy, a seasoned real estate agent in Houston, Texas, brings her expertise to the table, discussing the optimal time to relocate to this dynamic city.

Understanding the Houston Climate and Market

Houston’s climate plays a crucial role in deciding when to move. 

The city experiences intense heat and humidity from May to September, making outdoor activities, including moving, quite challenging. 

Additionally, August marks the peak of the hurricane season, a factor that shouldn’t be ignored due to potential storms and flooding.

On the flip side, Houston’s winters are comparatively mild, offering a comfortable window for relocation. With temperatures averaging between 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, late spring through winter becomes an ideal time for moving.

Housing Market Dynamics

The housing market in Houston also varies with the seasons. 

Summer attracts more families moving, owing to school vacations, which leads to increased competition and potentially higher property prices. 

In contrast, the later months, extending into winter, see a dip in this competitive fervor, presenting opportunities for better deals and less crowded housing options.

Financial Considerations

The cost of moving services escalates during the summer due to high demand. For those moving from different states, this can substantially increase relocation expenses. 

Another financial aspect unique to Texas is property taxes. These are calculated based on the duration of residence in a given year. Purchasing a home later in the year can significantly reduce the tax burden for that year.

Final Thoughts: Strategizing Your Houston Relocation

In conclusion, moving to Houston, TX, hinges on a balance between climate, housing market dynamics, and financial considerations.

With its challenging summers and mild winters, Houston presents a more conducive environment for relocation during the cooler months. This ensures a more comfortable move and aligns with a period of reduced competition and potentially better housing deals in the market.

Financially, moving later in the year can be more economical in terms of lower moving costs and a reduced property tax burden.

Ultimately, while personal circumstances and preferences play a pivotal role, timing your move to coincide with Houston’s winter months can offer distinct advantages, making the transition to this vibrant city smoother and more cost-effective.

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